A Phonecall away from A Dream Job

So you spot a job vacancy, you get the application process information and you apply, sounds easy right? Well not exactly.

A mass part of job hunting requires a lot of confidence. You need to have faith in yourself that you are able to fill in the application forms to the best of your ability or email that cover letter and CV/Resume to the standards that they expect. The biggest part of job hunting is getting an interview.

I’ve been quite lucky in that respect. I appear to be good on paper as job interviews or follow up phone calls come quite frequent at the best of times. Yet it is when I am dressed in my best outfit and facing a panel of people that I mess up – whether it is not answering a question fully or being too nervous. This required confidence has got me thinking that tomorrow’s big phone interview will go tits up.

I spotted a job vacancy that could open so many doors for me. A job so amazing that the industry itself is what I live and breathe for. You may think, oh, well she is a Media student so its probably something with a production company. Well actually it is working for an aviation company. Planes are my biggest passion, I watch Airplane Documentaries for fun, I planespot to the extent that I am like ‘British Airways Boeing 747 ‘. I’ve been asked many times why I love planes and there isn’t an exact answer because love like that doesn’t need an explanation. When something makes me feel the same butterfly, consistent effect like a plane taking to the skies does, I’m in love. When I see, hear, breathe or have anything to do with Aviation – which is a vast field I know – but the parts of aviation that I am aware of makes me fall in love all over again.

This job is working as an Customer Service Agent, handling check-ins, boarding people onto planes. I’ve got experience in customer service roles and in particular dealing with difficult (intoxicated) customers. I love helping people, I want a job that challenges me in someway. This job is very close to being a dream job that will help fuel my obsession with Airports and planes.

Snow plus this beautiful Boeing 747-800 is amazing.

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