I’ve just started the inevitable Cover Letter for an intern position as part of an Editorial team. A branch of Aviation magazines are looking for a new hard working and enthusiastic person to work with journalists on the daily online news and features of three prominent companies. In short this internship is perfect for me.

When I was younger I loved making up my own magazine covers on Microsoft Publisher, I went onto making a full magazine with beauty pages, real life stories and top tips. Then I got my hands on Photoshop at college and my magazine designs became a lot more professional looking. By fifth year I had sought out work experience with Hearst, unfortunately I was never successful. Cosmopolitan replied to me, and I felt their response was a little ‘oh this is just some kid.’ I was fifteen and looking back I am glad I never got a ‘come to work with us’ email because a fifteen year old doesn’t fit into Cosmo’s demographic.

Then again I tried this year and got a response from ELLE magazine who said they weren’t taking on anyone at the moment but will get back to me if a position rises. Which is sucks a little bit but the woman seemed to take me as a serious (but slightly undecided) twenty year old. Yes I am undecided but that is understandable, I am only young.

Mum said something that made me smile the other night; I was talking about my decisions and what I think I want, then she said ‘don’t rush’. Which doesn’t mean, don’t do anything. I know what I have to do and that is to ring all the universities I am interested in, ask them if I can get into year two of my course and see if I have to go through the ‘UCAS’ System again.

This internship is a big deal for me. It is initially for a month but is based in the outskirts of London. It is a big deal because I consider myself to be on recovery from living away in isolation the last nine months. The thought of even going over to Coventry to pick up my laptop still scares me, but I am still applying for this internship because I know that “in order for things to change, I must be open to change”.

I am comfortable at home, I am happy at home but someday I will get tired of having no friends here and home will not be enough, I will always want more. I guess, what I am trying to say is, there is no harm in trying this ‘independence’ thing again for short-term to see how I get on.

I just think this internship could practically be a perfect ‘new’ start for me.