A Silver Service

Friday was the first time in weeks that I worked for the Agency. A few days ago I got asked to be a waitress at a hotel out of town, I’m already experienced as a waitress – ‘Jess, I don’t think almost dropping trays constitutes as being an experienced waitress’- I needed money to book very last minute flights and it was only for four hours, so I said yes. Then a text came through…

It’s Silver Service is that okay?

‘Silver Service, posh’ I thought. ‘Yes, that’s fine’ I replied. Then mid-week I got a call telling me to be there fifteen minutes beforehand and to dress in a white shirt, black trousers and black shoes. Not your average agency job I thought, this is a classy one!

I don’t really think much before doing any agency job, the good in that is it limits any stresses, the bad part, you come in wearing the wrong attire. I had traveled halfway there before I said to my mum ‘I am not even wearing a smart shirt!’ It was too late to turn back so I just went with my white t-shirt ensemble and hoped for the best.

I thanked my lucky stars that the hotel wanted us to wear their work shirts. thankful that I asked for a size bigger – they were such a small fit – and thankful that I chose to wear a top underneath it – they were a really small fit, in the cleavage area if you know what I mean!

The event was a wedding and was a pretty easy job, we all were assigned to tables and had to place napkins over the guests’ laps. Then we had to serve Starters, Main and Dessert courses and clean up afterwards. The only difficult thing about the job was the heat, it was too warm, that and a candle kept dripping at the ‘top table’, although a quick wipe around the base with a napkin and it was all cleaned. The elderly man sat watching me, laughing saying ‘it’s fine, just blow it out.’

Overall I really enjoyed wearing the posh aprons that drape down to the ground and standing with my hands behind my back. It just seems wherever I go, employment wise, I love to be professional and to be able to help someone.

Remember being polite costs nothing.


In other parts of my underemployment, I have fixed up my CV, website and am still working on this Cover Letter – which is about 45% done. I just need to explain why the internship is a perfect fit, other than saying ‘I really get excited when I see a plane, I just fall in love’ and ‘print media is pretty cool.’  I’ll get back to you on those results.

Oh I did apply for another internship with Nickelodeon, randomly. It only required a CV and a few questions. I don’t even know if I want it but no harm in applying is there?

If you are based in the UK, then GoThinkBig from O2 have some great opportunities, from internships, to work experience to one day events! Not all of them are paid but most offer expenses for travel and lunch – which is why I can’t apply for a lot of them as its not feasible, however it is worth applying if you live over England/Scotland and Wales.